Issue 3, 2017 access_time 1 September 2017


International Marketing or simply Marketing? Free
Riccardo Resciniti 


Open innovation and customer-based development of new products
Stefano Bresciani, Manlio Del Giudice, Marco Romano 

Triggering open service innovation through social media networks
Veronica Scuotto, Gabriele Santoro, Armando Papa, Elias G. Carayannis 

The development of sustainable tourism through market-based sources of innovation in the "albergo diffuso"
Tindara Abbate, Angelo Presenza, Milena Viassone

Figure of Merit for places: Perspectives on place branding
Roberto Bruni, Michela Matarazzo 

Can snacking be healthy? A comparison between coeliacs and health conscious food consumers
Rebecca Pera, Giampaolo Viglia 

Evaluating tourist behaviour in sport mega-events through a structural equation model
Marcello Risitano, Rosaria Romano, Annarita Sorrentino, Michele Quintano

Green practices in port authority management: A multiple case study
Marcello Risitano, Francesco Parola, Alessandra Turi, Marco Ferretti 

Consumers’ preferences in the estate market: An explorative research on the residential product
Oronzo Trio, Antonio Iazzi 

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