Issue 3, 2018 access_time 1 September 2018

A new approach to Marketing Channel Relationship Free
Sebastiano Grandi


Dual marketers and sustainability communication. Empirical evidence from corporate websites
Maria Giovanna Confetto, Maddalena Della Volpe, Claudia Covucci

What about the Internet of Everything? An exploratory study in E-health
Critina Mele, Tiziana Russo Spena, Marco Tregua, Mariarosa Coppola, Marialuisa Marzullo

Social media communities and brand value co-creation:Evidences from Italy
Riccardo Rialti, Lamberto Zollo, Maria Carmen Laudano, Cristiano Ciappei

From B2B to A4A: An integrated framework for Viable value co-creation
Francesco Polese, Debora Sarno, Orlando Troisi, Mara Grimaldi

Book Reviews Free 
Gennaro Iasevoli
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