Issue 1, 2016 access_time 1 March 2016

Editorial Free
Luca Bonansea, Daniele Dalli


In memory of Prof. Murizio Rispoli (4 Jan. 1937 - 12 Jan. 2016) 
Francesco Casarin

Technological innovation and marketing. A multiple-perspective analysis
Nicoletta Buratti, Riccardo Lanzara, Michele Simoni

Technology innovation in healthcare and changing patient's behaviors: New challenges for marketing
Luca Buccoliero, Elena Bellio, Maria Mazzola, Elisa Solinas

New trends in the development of Chinese high-tech companies: An open innovation perspective
Adele Parmentola, Ilaria Tutore

Managing responses to online reviews: An opportunity for value co-creation?
Francesca Negri, Vania Vigolo, Angelo Bonfanti

The smartphoners: Consumer segmentation by smartphone usage
Francesca De Canio, Davide Pellegrini, Maria Elena Aramendia-Muneta

Competition in the web search market: Impact for user behavior
Natalia Kudryashova

Book Reviews Free 
Gennaro Iasevoli

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