Issue 1, 2017 access_time 1 March 2017


Products moving along channels, consumers cross channels Free
Gaetano Aiello 

Focus section – Open innovation and customer-based development of new products

New frontiers for competition: Outcomes from the 13th CIRCLE International conference
Enrico Bonetti, Michele Simoni

An open approach to develop green innovation. A case study analysis
Francesco Calza, Adele Parmentola, Ilaria Tutore 

Does brand market value affect consumer perception of brand origin in the purchasing process?
The case of Tuscan wines

Monica Faraoni, Tommaso Pucci, Samuel Rabino, Lorenzo Zanni 

The evolution of fundraising in the Italian non profit context:
The “Lega del filo d’oro” case Marco Ferretti, Eva Panetti, Adele

Alex Bizzarri, Silvio Cardinali, Antonio Picciotti, Gian Luca Gregori 

The port community system as a local innovation system: A theoretical framework
Parmentola, Marcello Risitano 


Internal Branding and Employee Brand Consistent Behaviours:
The Role of Enablement-Oriented Communication

Alessandra Mazzei, Silvia Ravazzani 

Consumers’ responses to Ethical Brand Crises on Social Media Platforms
Stefano Pace, Matteo Corciolani, Giacomo Gistri 

Consumers’ intention to buy generic drugs: Evidences from the Italian settings
Cristina Zerbini, Donata Tania Vergura, Beatrice Luceri 

Book Reviews Free 
Gennaro Iasevoli

Referees 2016 Free 

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