Issue 2, 2016 access_time 1 June 2016

Synthesizing research in marketing through meta-analysis Free
Chiara Orsingher

Focus Section - XII Annual Conference "Il Marketing al servizio delle città.
Beni culturali rivitalizzazione urbana" 

Cultural assets. New opportunity for the Region
Piergiorgio Re, Bernardo Bertoldi, Fabrizio Mosca, Margherita Stupino, Chiara Giachino

Forum Marketing and cities: the Turin experience
Edited by Piergiorgio Re, Chiara Giachino, Bernardo Bertoldi


Time orizon and green consumption
Anna Codini, MIchelle Bonera, Giulia Miniero

Business innovation and internationalisation: focus on the italian coffee industry
Patrizia De Luca, Giovanna Pegan

Environmental Sustainability and Organic Wine production: evidences from Italian industry
Rossella Canestrino, Pierpaolo Magliocca, Antonio Guarino

Commited to learn: SMEs learn how to export. A qualitative analysis
Mariasole Bannò, Enrico Zaninotto

Technological uncertainty, market orientation and firm's ecnomic performance
Gianluca Vagnani, MIchele Simoni

Book Reviews Free 
Gennaro Iasevoli

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